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Our goal is to be “the” place our clients can turn to get answers on asset protection, income growth, estate planning, capital gains tax reduction, business planning, and growing wealth in the least risky manner possible.

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We focus on three key areas.

We take a holistic approach to financial planning. While each client is unique, there are three key areas we focus on.

Some remarks from our clients.

“Jay and Steve, the A-team of financial advisors.  Love these guys and their advice.  Already implemented a few of their suggestions and some new ones are in the works.”

Bansal, S

“A great overall approach of all essential financial elements of retirement.”

Dusanjh, M

“They understand tax considerations.”

Kong, G

“Great overview of options for families concerned about paying for college.”

Ishikawa, Heather

“Helped me understand the contrast between the total cost of attendance for private and public universities.”

Elvyn Rodriguez Nunez

“They helped me understand Social Security benefits.”

Yan, K

“I finally understand the retirement planning path.”

Hsia, J

“I liked learning about moving parent assets into protected buckets.”

Lucas, L

“Very detailed and honest.”

Siva, S

“Jay is knowledgeable.”

Gehring, R

“Great overall plan on a complex process with the various lenses to look thru as part of strategy and position for success.”

Boykin, Michael

“They really dissect how funding for college works. Explaining the breakdown of average families & explaining funding options.”

Tatum, S & K

“I like their style.”

Tan, Y

“They helped me with understanding long-term care – social security – and that I need to concentrate on my monthly income in retirement rather than overall savings only.”

Hayden, C

“Any family can benefit.”

Kannu, A

“Renewed hope that college may be achievable.”

Ewing, Julie

“Jay explains things in a way that is understandable.”

Barron, C & J

“Helped me understand that there are options to limit financial burden.”

Chakravarthula, Ramesh

“Well planned, good information, fact-based.”

Wong, G

“Helped me understand net costs and how those costs can vary from school to school, both private and public.”

Perry, B

“Covered all aspects of retirement.”

Fitzpatrick, K

“They gave me clarity.”

Lzung, M

“Jay is knowledgeable, engaging and professional. I’m impressed by their presentation and ‘no-sales’ approach.”

Moore, R

“Covers all the bases, no hard sell.”

Harris, A

“They are comprehensive and talk frankly.”

Lim, G & J

“Explained things not many parents would know about college prep and expenses.”

Paduchuri, Rupa

“They are detailed, but not too technical.”

Hui, A

“They are informative & unbiased.”

Yuen, T

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