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Meet our founders.

Stephen Stanton

Stephen has significant sales, insurance and real estate experience, and has worked with many individuals and several start-ups and small businesses in designing financial plans and achieving financial goals. Stephen has been serving his clients since 2003, with a special focus in Financial Services. In 2011, Stephen led the initiative of what eventually became a full service financial services and investment advisory, Veraz Advisors. He is a certified college funding specialist and is an expert on designing retirement income plans.

Stephen lived and worked in the Tampa Bay Area before first moving to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2009, when he and Jay became business partners. He enjoys skiing all over the world with his family and enjoys watching the Carolina Panthers.

Jay Mehta

Jay is a registered investment advisor representative with 20 years of professional work experience. Mr. Mehta holds 2 MBAs – one from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and a second from Columbia Business School, where he also taught MBA and Engineering students. He is a certified college planning specialist and specializes in designing retirement investment plans.

Jay was born and raised in the bay area and is married with 2 children. When he’s not volunteering his time to teach courses at local colleges and community centers, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends watching the 49ers, Golden State Warriors, Sharks and both the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics.

Our Team

Ron Them, CCFS®
Ron Them, CCFS®Advisory Team - College Funding Expert
Ron is a college funding expert and has been training Registered Investment Advisors, CPAs, and financial professions for over 25 years. He is the founder of the Association of Certified College Funding Specialists.
Rick Bailey, J.D., CFP®
Rick Bailey, J.D., CFP®Advisory Team - Estate & Financial Strategist
Rick is an estate planning attorney as well as a Certified Financial Planner. He is part of the Veraz advisory team and is typically brought in on the more complex cases.
Josh Sterling
Josh SterlingAdvisory Team - Advance Life Insurance Case Design
Josh is an advanced life insurance case designer.

History and Background

Stephen and Jay met in 2008 while they were advising investors on advanced real estate strategies and business strategies. They have been close friends and professional colleagues ever since. In 2011, Stephen and Jay began serving clients in the San Francisco Bay Area by initially providing financial education in the workplace on critical issues of cash flow management that were most pervasive as a result of the 2008 Financial Crisis.

Since their launch of these educational workshops, they have continually served individuals and small businesses seeking to secure their retirement, increase their savings, reduce debt, lower taxes and become more efficient with investable assets. More recently, they have been helping families with college and retirement planning and advanced estate and tax planning issues.

Veraz Advisors has helped hundreds of families with issues ranging from navigating the college admissions and financial aid planning process to securing their retirement by implementing retirement income plans, investment plans and legacy and advanced tax planning strategies.

Jay and Stephen have established 2 private foundations dedicated to providing free education on essential topics to help families grow and preserve their wealth. In 2018 alone, they have funded over $30k to both the College Planning Foundation and the Retirement Planning Foundation.

Stephen and Jay are passionate about helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals, personally and financially. When they are not working, they have been known to travel together to fun places like the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Miami.


July 2020

Stephen and Jay star as the bay area’s premier wealth coaches on KRON4’s hit financial television show Finance2Freedom, as they discuss retirement strategies designed to lower taxes and generate income in retirement.

March 2020

Veraz Advisors is approved as a California Registered Investment Adviser and adds Virtue Capital Management and Synergy Financial Management as sub-advisors. Veraz Insurance Solutions is listed #14 on 2020’s top 20 advisors in the United States with one of America’s largest field marketing organizations in the finance and insurance industry.

February 2020

Veraz Insurance Solutions is licensed as an independent California insurance agency.

December 2019

Veraz Advisors is recognized as 2019’s top 25 advisors in the United States with one of America’s largest field marketing organizations in the finance and insurance industry.

September 2019

Veraz Advisors launches into two separate companies, specialized in their respective fields. Veraz Advisors, LLC is formed to focus on planning and portfolio management services. Veraz Insurance Solutions, LLC is formed to focus on wealth preservation and advanced tax strategies and estate planning.

January 2019

Veraz Advisors expands further by moving to its new Headquarters in San Ramon, CA.

December 2018

EYD Solutions rebrands as Veraz Advisors to better reflect its expansion of service offerings.

July 2018

EYD Solutions offers Trend Aggregation strategies as part of its investment management portfolio.

May 2018

Jay is asked to join the advisory board for the Association of Certified College Funding Specialists.

November 2017

EYD Solutions expands by moving into new offices in Dublin, CA and becoming a full service financial services firm, by including investment advisory services – EYD Solutions partners with Horter Investment Management to offer tactical management investment portfolios to its clients with custodial services available from TD Ameritrade, Trust Company of America (TCA by E*Trade) and Jefferson National Life (Nationwide Advisory Solutions).

April 2017

Jay and Stephen establish a second private foundation, the Retirement Planning Foundation, which they personally fund to provide free educational courses on topics such as social security, long term care planning, retirement income & investment planning, estate planning, and advanced tax planning strategies.

February 2017

Jay and Stephen are recognized by the Association of Certified College Funding Specialists as college planning and funding specialists.

December 2016

EYD Solutions opens an office in San Ramon, CA.

November 2016

Jay and Stephen establish a private foundation, the College Planning Foundation, which they personally fund to provide free educational workshops for students and parents on topics ranging from college selection to college admissions to college funding, including grants, scholarships, and loans.

July 2016

EYD Solutions opens an office in Boca Raton, FL.

October 2014

Jay and Stephen lead and close a $20m round of debt and equity financing for a private equity investment in Boca Raton, FL.

April 2013

Stephen and Jay expand their services to include private equity management and investments.

January 2011

Jay and Stephen introduce private placement investment and business plan analysis and reviews to clients.

January 2010

From their Dublin, CA office, Jay and Stephen launch what will later become an education and financial services company, EYD Solutions, and begin holding financial education in the workplace workshops to help workers who are struggling with cash flow management while also trying to save for their retirement.

September 2009

Stephen and Jay partner together, with a plan to educate San Francisco Bay Area individuals and businesses still recovering from the devastating effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis – their focus was on eradicating debt and increasing cash flow utilizing tax-favored financial products.

July 2009

Jay and Stephen collaborate together to consult a coaching and education organization that helps individuals and investors achieve their personal and financial goals.

December 2008

Jay and Stephen meet in Tampa, educating and coaching real estate investors on advanced investment strategies.

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