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What is Asset Protection?

Most asset protection “gurus” believe asset protection revolves around helping clients who have money protect that money from your “typical” creditor from a negligence suit. A few [...]

Is a Lawsuit Lying in Wait for You

Woman Sues Husband For Loss Of Virginity As ridiculous as that headline sounds, it’s based upon a true case…and raises the question… What could someone sue you for that could [...]

Negligence Lawsuits

Dangers to Your Wealth Negligence Examples The following are a few real-world examples of lawsuits that could happen to you and, in turn, take your wealth. These are meant to [...]

Offshore AP Structures

Offshore AP Structures On this introductory page, we will not go into chapter-and-verse on offshore planning. As a general conclusion, we should start by emphasizing that properly structured offshore planning [...]

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