April 2017


Jay and Stephen establish a second private foundation, the Retirement Planning Foundation, which they personally fund to provide free educational courses on topics such as social security, long term care planning, retirement income & investment planning, estate planning, and advanced tax planning strategies.

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November 2016


Jay and Stephen establish a private foundation, the College Planning Foundation, which they personally fund to provide free educational workshops for students and parents on topics ranging from college selection to college admissions to college funding, including grants, scholarships, and loans.

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January 2010


From their Dublin, CA office, Jay and Stephen launch what will later become an education and financial services company, EYD Solutions, and begin holding financial education in the workplace workshops to help workers who are struggling with cash flow management while also trying to save for their retirement.

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September 2009


Stephen and Jay partner together, with a plan to educate San Francisco Bay Area individuals and businesses still recovering from the devastating effects of the 2008 Financial Crisis – their focus was on eradicating debt and increasing cash flow utilizing tax-favored financial products.

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